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Winner and Cow356 viewsSenator Dinniman poses with his winning cowAug 08, 2010
Fair Queen and Pie331 viewsEven though Suzanne Lightcap didn't win this competition, she was still a good sport to show us her chocolate cream smile!Aug 08, 2010
All Done!252 viewsContestant James Dolan cleans up in a 3rd place finishAug 08, 2010
Round #2 Winners274 viewsAnnouncer Gary Kauffman gets the winners' names: 1st - Johnny Benditt, 2nd - Sarah Fogwell; and 3rd - James DolanAug 08, 2010
Fair Queen Court Competes426 views2010 Fair Queen Suzanne Lightcap, Runner Up Eva Talbert and Ambassador Elisabeth Stephens did their own round of competitionAug 08, 2010
Messy Job for Fair Queens299 viewsFair Queen Ambassador Elisabeth Stephens shows that this royal duty can be kind of messy!Aug 08, 2010
Queen Bee of Pie Eating214 viewsFair Queen Runner Up Eva Talbert reigned as Pie Eating Champ for the 2010 Fair Queen CourtAug 08, 2010
Who Will The Winner Be?348 viewsFair Queen Ambassador Elisabeth Stephens, Barney & Elmo and Fair Secretary Karen Dobson watch intently to determine the winner of Round #1Aug 08, 2010
Round #1 Winners263 viewsGavin Frederick, Jacob Straka and Sean Lukowski - Barney was there for moral support!Aug 08, 2010
Round #2 Contestants Dig In254 viewsJames Dolan, Johnny Benditt and Dana Moore competitingAug 08, 2010
Round #2 Contestants236 viewsContest assistants Ashley Gable, Deb Polliner and Fair Queen Ambassador Elisabeth Stephens watch as contestants beginAug 08, 2010
Dana Moore301 viewsAug 08, 2010
Getting Instructions234 viewsContestants listen as Fair Secretary Karen Dobson gives strict instructions about the contest rulesAug 08, 2010
Sean Lukowski 238 viewsContest helpers Ashley Gable and Deb Pollinger assisted with the contestAug 08, 2010
Jacob Straka concentrating on his pie226 viewsAug 08, 2010
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